January favourites

hello loves!

i thought id carry on with my streak of posting so i decided to show you my January favourites.

i have quite a lot this month which makes a change for me because i usually use the same products over and over again.

Ill start with makeup faves first; i was really lucky this month t find this amazing real techniques set on superdrug this month. it was such a bargain and iv’e been using each one religiously.


iv’e linked all the products on each picture. just right click and press open in new tab.

for actual makeup i’ve been really loving a natural glowy look. its honestly my favourite thing.

to achieve this ive been this makeup revolution illuminating foxing spray, i literally use this after every step of my makeup i think its safe to say im obsessed.

as you’ve all probably heard makeup revolution have recently brought out a new concealer conceal and define, its supposedly similar to Tatre shape tape. I’ve never been lucky enough to try it but if its anything like this revolution one then we’ve all found a bargain. i have incredibly dry skin so i struggle to find face makeup that doesn’t stick to dry patches and make me look cakey, but this really is amazing it makes you look airbrushed and smooth its honestly beautiful. theirs two problems with it though, the first is that you need to blend it out quite quickly otherwise i will stick to that spot. secondly there is barely any product, im already nearly out of one its silly.   IMG_2635IMG_2639

i couldn’t  recommend this concealer enough though its fab. i also just want to say how good is it that drug store brands are stepping up the shade range, makes me so happy. i personally got 3 shades i got a light one to go underneath my eyes, one that matches my skin tone to cover blemishes and another to contour with.


Another product from makeup revolution which I’ve been enjoying a lot is the Sophdoesnail x MakeupRevloution high lighting palette im pretty sure I’ve used this on a daily basis its actually gorgeous.IMG_2614IMG_2615

i didn’t realise how man makeup revolution products I’ve been loving this month until i started writing this post.

coming away from that ive been loving a simple glossy lip this month not sure why because im all about liquid lipsticks but ive really been enjoying it this month. to achieve this ive been using a lip liner from rodial in the shade nude and  NYX butter gloss in the shade tiramisu  i love this combination together its the perfect pink for me.IMG_2621


Rodial didn’t have he shade nude on there website but i’ve linked a similar colour

I think this might be the first time on my blog that I’ve decided to post something fashion related but i honestly have to share these items with you because im honestly so in love!

firstly i went into my local sainsburys right at the beginning of the year and discovered this absolutely gorgeous bag. i usually go pretty basic with handbags but i couldn’t put it back down once i found it. obviously embroidery is very on trend still and i loved the touch of edginess that the studs added to the bad i feel like it fits my personality perfectly. sainsburys no longer sell this bag and i couldn’t really find anything similar.

last but not least is my absolute fave of the month. i did a little order on ROMWE to test the quality of things to decide if i want to use the site for holiday clothes and i decided to pick up this absolute beauty i don’t want to talk too much about it because i want to do a whole post on ROMWE but i needed to show you these out of focus poor quality photos because i’m obsessed with this pink overall dress.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. please let me know if you would like a ROMWE review i would really enjoy doing that.

Lots of Love

Alice xxx


old skool mars bar squares

hello lovelies!

happy 2018!

I thought i would kick off my first post of the year with something completely new for me. One of my favorite past times is baking, cakes are my preferred choice. i was browsing through Facebook as you do the other day and came across a page full of old school recipes that typical British primary schools used to make. I got unnecessarily excited when i came across ‘mars bar cakes’. so i decided to make them myself.

I found the recipe from BBC food, i just adapted it a little bit.

first of all you’re going to need to grab your ingredients i used:

7 mars bars

200 g of butter spread

and roughly 200g of rice puffs

firstly i measured out my rice puffs into my baking tray just so i knew i had exactly the correct amount.


i then measured and cat my parchment paper out to fit the bottom of the tray and greased it up. To do this i used some ordinary kitchen roll and some butter to stick to paper too.IMG_2575.JPGIMG_2574.JPGIMG_2577.JPG

I then measured out 200g of butter into a small bowl, and cut up my mars bars. the recipe said to use 5 but i thought id go over board and use more.








after finishing chopping that up i then popped a medium sized sauce pan on the hob to boil , then put the bowl of chopped mars bars on top of the pan to melt them. once they were nearly liquefied i then popped the butter in as well



After the mixture is thoroughly together it will probably curdle a little bit and look lumpy, but no fear i just grab a whisk and gave it a quick stir and it was fine, i could still see lumps but as soon as i mixed the rice puffs in they soon disappeared.


Next i grabbed a heat proof mat so i didn’t damage our kitchen tops and then i placed the hot bowl on the top. I then stirred the rice puffs in thoroughly making sure they werIMG_2595.JPGe  completely covered.










To finish up i then poured it into the baking tray ,mine was a 23×23 deep pan square. I then level it out to make sure the whole thing was smooth and even. the final thing was to then just pop it in the fridge.IMG_2605IMG_2606IMG_2610

honestly these are so yummy! probably one of favorites and they’re so easy to make with such little mess. IMG_2607

Thank you so much for reading, i hope you enjoy making theese as much as i have, i hope your start of 2018 has been as equaling good as mine.


             lots of love xoxo

collective haul march 2017

hello my loves

hope you’re all well and okay! i thought as i seem to spend so much money on bits and bobs i’d show you what I’ve bought over the last month.

firstly i stopped off at my local boots and superdrug to pick up some little bits. Some more essential than others haha 🙂


I’d say that garnier micellar water is by far one of my favorite ways to remove makeup,its also probably the closest to bioderma too because it doesn’t sting your eyes. Because I use it on a nearly every day basis I thought I would buy the biggest bottle which was about £5.00. (Not to bad if I’m honest). 



Whilst I was frolicking around boots I happened to spot these beauties on offer so i decided to get them because they’re probably one of the most hydrating sheet masks I’ve ever used, my best friend introduced me to them and i honestly don’t think I could go a week without them now!


I know this probably sounds weird but I always find that boots and superdrug have such a different range of products in them so I tend to visit both and have a look around. whilst i was wandering the iles i spotted a product range which I’ve never seen before so i thought i would pick it up.I use drug store shampoo & conditioner so naturally my hair is going to contain a lot of silicon. I also use a reasonable amount of heat on my hair which i know is bad, but because i work in the hair and beauty industry my hair can’t be all crazy to go to work. i also bleached the ends of my hair back in September so you can probably imagine my hair being quite damaged so that’s why i thought i would give this ago. It was only £7.99 too, so if its a pile of shit i haven’t thrown too much money away.


guys. YOU.NEED.TO.TRY.THIS.FOUNDATION! I don’t think I’ve used anything quite like it before, i absolutely adore it. As i might have mentioned before my skins more on the dry dehydrated side so i really struggle to find a foundation that reasonable coverage but doesn’t make my face look cakey, but this really doesn’t. i use a damp real techniques sponge and apply a pump to my face and neck and its perfect. Its a little bit more on the pricey side being £16.50 but its definitely worth every penny.


I’ve gone and done it again! i spend so much money of nail polish i’m such an addict! id say that blues and pinks are probably my most worn colours.like i mentioned earlier because i work in the hair and beauty industry I’ve got to be looking my best all the time to help clients feel trusting of my abilities. one of those aspects is keeping my hands in good shape. So I tend to paint my nails every 3 days ,which not going to lie is a difficult routine to keep up with when i’m barely ever home. So i wanted to try out some new ones to see if they’re more long lasting. I’ve bought h&m polishes before and loved them. But i saw that Barry m have a relatively new collection out and wanted to give that a go too. And if i’m  being completely honest i wasn’t really planing to buy the blue from no7 but i needed to buy 2 products to get a free little gift box 🙂


The last thing beauty wise I picked up was a few bath bombs from lush. I actually picked up a couple of the golden eggs but i used one before i managed to take some pictures haha


Next i took a trip to probably one of my favorite places! I’ve never lived near a primark so i haven’t had the luxury of it as I’ve grown up but recently my town opened one and i’m honestly so happy about it. I didn’t really have a certain item in mind but I ended up buying mostly night shirts because they’re just so cute!. I then had to pick up that stripy grey t shirt because if you know me the majority of my wardrobe is striped :D. I cant remember what I was wearing that day but it was super uncomfortable so I decided that I needed to pick something up to put over the top so i decided to grab the weekend vibes sweatshirt, which I love when i’m wearing fake tan cause I just makes me look even more brown ahah. Whilst in primark i also spotted this really soft powder pink blanket and knew i needed to get it. my dogs love it too.. not sure if that’s obvious.


last but not least i did a little cheeky order to forever 21 again. I didn’t have anything specific in mind i just wanted some new bits and bobs. so i decided to pick up a couple body suits ones in grey and ones a nude/pink. i also picked up a nude pleather mini skirt and i also picked up a black bralette because i wanted to try them out 🙂

so there we go that’s everything I’ve bought over the month of march!  thank you so much for reading and ill hopefully speak to you guys soon.

Alice xoxo


‘A new year A new me’

‘A new year a new me’ probably one of the most cliche sayings of all time. yet somehow as each year passes and another number ticks over its more and more relatable

2016 what a year, with numerous celebrity deaths,terror attacks, brexxit and Donald trump winning the presidential election I think it’s safe to say that it was simply shit.

To many a new year means making up some resolutions that let’s be honest nobody sticks to which therefore makes you more miserable than you were the previous year.
To me new year is another leap into making yourself, you have 365 days to reinvent yourself , create a new you and become just that little bit more of a better person ( if that’s what you’re aiming to achieve). I find the world such a sad and depressing place sometimes when most of the problems are so unnecessary and unkind.

This year I want to make something of the year and not let it slip away from me. I want to live more and say yes to more opportunities. I want to be able to regret the things I’ve done rather than regretting the things I haven’t. This year I want to be a better me in general, I want to love my body, look after myself more. I want to cherish time with friends and appreciate the little things I need to work on letting go of my insecurities and becoming more positive and most importantly I need  believe in myself abit more.

I guess all that anybody really needs in life is happiness and their health and as long as you’ve got them all the other materialistic items don’t matter, they help but they don’t solve the deeper darker problems in life.  I think I’m not to sad to see the back of 2016 but I’ve also achieved so much in the last year that I’m kinda sad that it’s flown by to quick.

Here’s to 2017.. let’s hope it’s a good one!

swatches and review of the morphe 35om palette

Today iIMG_2071 thought i would share my opinion on my first ever purchase from morphe which let me tell you was an exciting buy!. if you live in the uk like myself you’ll know that buying from certain brands can be rather difficult, morphe being one of them. luckily stores like beauty chamber, cult beauty and beauty bay all thankfully put this in consideration and sell morphe products, but due to high demand some products  tend to sell out fast. keeping this in mind i kept checking websites for a restock and luckily enough beauty chamber had the 35om palette in stock so i instantly ordered it. the cost of the actual palette and shipping come to about £26 which in my opinion is bloomin good.

I absolutely love this palette the colours are beautiful and the pigmentation is incredible! the only thing i find strange about the palette is that some of the colours have a creamier texture than some of the others which means the pigmentation isn’t that great .. might just be my palette but that’s something to consider when purchasing one. If im honest though i would rather buy morphe palettes than say an urban decay not because i dislike their products, it’s just you get more for your money. im definitely going to purchase from morphe in future times.

As there is 35 shades im just going to go from left to right across the 5 rows. When you look through the swatches you’ll notice what i was talking about when i said some of the shades are creamier than others because the pigmentation isn’t as opaque, but for the price im not going to complain.




row 1


row 2



row 3IMG_2068

row 4


row 5



let me know if you like this sort of thing

and leave some suggestions down below.

Alice                                                                                                                                                                   xoxoxoxo




New beginnings

I thought i would sit down and explain what im trying to achieve whilst creating this blogging space. firstly hi my names Alice and im 17, i live in the united kingdom and i love makeup, photography and baking!. I think the reason why ive decided to create a blog is because my ultimate goal in life is to make the people around me happy and by creating a space where i can interact with people who share the same passions as me might just be able to do exactly that. Please bare with me though im not the best writer and even though i’ll try hard not to there will probably be grammatical errors and things that shouldn’t be where my mind has decided to place them. i dont really want to pile pressure on myself to upload 2 days a week because i know that’s a unrealistic expectation and i know i won’t be able to achieve that. not only will it be a unrealistic expectation but i really want to enjoy blogging and if i know that if i stress over it i doubt i post as often as i would like to..

i hope you like my blog and i hope to speak to you guys soon

Alice xoxoxo