collective haul march 2017

hello my loves

hope you’re all well and okay! i thought as i seem to spend so much money on bits and bobs i’d show you what I’ve bought over the last month.

firstly i stopped off at my local boots and superdrug to pick up some little bits. Some more essential than others haha 🙂


I’d say that garnier micellar water is by far one of my favorite ways to remove makeup,its also probably the closest to bioderma too because it doesn’t sting your eyes. Because I use it on a nearly every day basis I thought I would buy the biggest bottle which was about £5.00. (Not to bad if I’m honest). 



Whilst I was frolicking around boots I happened to spot these beauties on offer so i decided to get them because they’re probably one of the most hydrating sheet masks I’ve ever used, my best friend introduced me to them and i honestly don’t think I could go a week without them now!


I know this probably sounds weird but I always find that boots and superdrug have such a different range of products in them so I tend to visit both and have a look around. whilst i was wandering the iles i spotted a product range which I’ve never seen before so i thought i would pick it up.I use drug store shampoo & conditioner so naturally my hair is going to contain a lot of silicon. I also use a reasonable amount of heat on my hair which i know is bad, but because i work in the hair and beauty industry my hair can’t be all crazy to go to work. i also bleached the ends of my hair back in September so you can probably imagine my hair being quite damaged so that’s why i thought i would give this ago. It was only £7.99 too, so if its a pile of shit i haven’t thrown too much money away.


guys. YOU.NEED.TO.TRY.THIS.FOUNDATION! I don’t think I’ve used anything quite like it before, i absolutely adore it. As i might have mentioned before my skins more on the dry dehydrated side so i really struggle to find a foundation that reasonable coverage but doesn’t make my face look cakey, but this really doesn’t. i use a damp real techniques sponge and apply a pump to my face and neck and its perfect. Its a little bit more on the pricey side being £16.50 but its definitely worth every penny.


I’ve gone and done it again! i spend so much money of nail polish i’m such an addict! id say that blues and pinks are probably my most worn i mentioned earlier because i work in the hair and beauty industry I’ve got to be looking my best all the time to help clients feel trusting of my abilities. one of those aspects is keeping my hands in good shape. So I tend to paint my nails every 3 days ,which not going to lie is a difficult routine to keep up with when i’m barely ever home. So i wanted to try out some new ones to see if they’re more long lasting. I’ve bought h&m polishes before and loved them. But i saw that Barry m have a relatively new collection out and wanted to give that a go too. And if i’m  being completely honest i wasn’t really planing to buy the blue from no7 but i needed to buy 2 products to get a free little gift box 🙂


The last thing beauty wise I picked up was a few bath bombs from lush. I actually picked up a couple of the golden eggs but i used one before i managed to take some pictures haha


Next i took a trip to probably one of my favorite places! I’ve never lived near a primark so i haven’t had the luxury of it as I’ve grown up but recently my town opened one and i’m honestly so happy about it. I didn’t really have a certain item in mind but I ended up buying mostly night shirts because they’re just so cute!. I then had to pick up that stripy grey t shirt because if you know me the majority of my wardrobe is striped :D. I cant remember what I was wearing that day but it was super uncomfortable so I decided that I needed to pick something up to put over the top so i decided to grab the weekend vibes sweatshirt, which I love when i’m wearing fake tan cause I just makes me look even more brown ahah. Whilst in primark i also spotted this really soft powder pink blanket and knew i needed to get it. my dogs love it too.. not sure if that’s obvious.


last but not least i did a little cheeky order to forever 21 again. I didn’t have anything specific in mind i just wanted some new bits and bobs. so i decided to pick up a couple body suits ones in grey and ones a nude/pink. i also picked up a nude pleather mini skirt and i also picked up a black bralette because i wanted to try them out 🙂

so there we go that’s everything I’ve bought over the month of march!  thank you so much for reading and ill hopefully speak to you guys soon.

Alice xoxo



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