‘A new year A new me’

‘A new year a new me’ probably one of the most cliche sayings of all time. yet somehow as each year passes and another number ticks over its more and more relatable

2016 what a year, with numerous celebrity deaths,terror attacks, brexxit and Donald trump winning the presidential election I think it’s safe to say that it was simply shit.

To many a new year means making up some resolutions that let’s be honest nobody sticks to which therefore makes you more miserable than you were the previous year.
To me new year is another leap into making yourself, you have 365 days to reinvent yourself , create a new you and become just that little bit more of a better person ( if that’s what you’re aiming to achieve). I find the world such a sad and depressing place sometimes when most of the problems are so unnecessary and unkind.

This year I want to make something of the year and not let it slip away from me. I want to live more and say yes to more opportunities. I want to be able to regret the things I’ve done rather than regretting the things I haven’t. This year I want to be a better me in general, I want to love my body, look after myself more. I want to cherish time with friends and appreciate the little things I need to work on letting go of my insecurities and becoming more positive and most importantly I need  believe in myself abit more.

I guess all that anybody really needs in life is happiness and their health and as long as you’ve got them all the other materialistic items don’t matter, they help but they don’t solve the deeper darker problems in life.  I think I’m not to sad to see the back of 2016 but I’ve also achieved so much in the last year that I’m kinda sad that it’s flown by to quick.

Here’s to 2017.. let’s hope it’s a good one!


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