swatches and review of the morphe 35om palette

Today iIMG_2071 thought i would share my opinion on my first ever purchase from morphe which let me tell you was an exciting buy!. if you live in the uk like myself you’ll know that buying from certain brands can be rather difficult, morphe being one of them. luckily stores like beauty chamber, cult beauty and beauty bay all thankfully put this in consideration and sell morphe products, but due to high demand some products  tend to sell out fast. keeping this in mind i kept checking websites for a restock and luckily enough beauty chamber had the 35om palette in stock so i instantly ordered it. the cost of the actual palette and shipping come to about £26 which in my opinion is bloomin good.

I absolutely love this palette the colours are beautiful and the pigmentation is incredible! the only thing i find strange about the palette is that some of the colours have a creamier texture than some of the others which means the pigmentation isn’t that great .. might just be my palette but that’s something to consider when purchasing one. If im honest though i would rather buy morphe palettes than say an urban decay not because i dislike their products, it’s just you get more for your money. im definitely going to purchase from morphe in future times.

As there is 35 shades im just going to go from left to right across the 5 rows. When you look through the swatches you’ll notice what i was talking about when i said some of the shades are creamier than others because the pigmentation isn’t as opaque, but for the price im not going to complain.




row 1


row 2



row 3IMG_2068

row 4


row 5



let me know if you like this sort of thing

and leave some suggestions down below.

Alice                                                                                                                                                                   xoxoxoxo





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