New beginnings

I thought i would sit down and explain what im trying to achieve whilst creating this blogging space. firstly hi my names Alice and im 17, i live in the united kingdom and i love makeup, photography and baking!. I think the reason why ive decided to create a blog is because my ultimate goal in life is to make the people around me happy and by creating a space where i can interact with people who share the same passions as me might just be able to do exactly that. Please bare with me though im not the best writer and even though i’ll try hard not to there will probably be grammatical errors and things that shouldn’t be where my mind has decided to place them. i dont really want to pile pressure on myself to upload 2 days a week because i know that’s a unrealistic expectation and i know i won’t be able to achieve that. not only will it be a unrealistic expectation but i really want to enjoy blogging and if i know that if i stress over it i doubt i post as often as i would like to..

i hope you like my blog and i hope to speak to you guys soon

Alice xoxoxo


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